The Level of Endothelin-1 as a Risk Factor for Complications of Acute Epididymitis

Lytvynets Yevhen, Balabanyk Vasyl


Background: Acute epididymitis is an inflammation of the epididymis. It mostly occurs unilaterally and may spread to the testis (‘epididymoorchitis’) if untreated. In this research, there was made an attempt to clarify the diagnostic and prognostic significance of changes of the endothelin-1 (Et-1) content in the blood plasma of the patients, suffering from acute epididymitis in
connection with violation of blood circulation in testis with an appendage.

Materials and Method: To determine the concentration of Et-1, the method of immune-enzyme analysis was used. A significant increase of the Et-1 concentration was revealed in all the examined patients before treatment.

Results and Discussion: In the preoperative period, in 43% of patients with irreversible complications (lack of blood flow to a testicle or appendage, the Doppler-signal) the high concentration of Et-1 remained to the 7th day (25,8 ± 3,2 ng/ml, exceeding the norm by 2,5 times), which indicated the irreversible microcirculatory disorders in the testicle (appendage), probably because of the increasing of vasoconstriction of blood vessels. In 57% of patients, there was no development of complications, ischemic processes were reversible, and under this, the concentration of Et-1 gradually decreased, and until the 14th day, it was up to 5,8 ± 0,6 ng/ml, returning to the normal range.

Conclusion: The dynamics of change of Et-1 concentration in blood plasma indicates the reversibility of metabolic disorders, related to ischemia of the testicle appendage tissue, as well as the diagnostic and prognostic significance of this factor determination concerning the risk of complications development.


acute epididymitis; endothelial dysfunction; endothelin-1; doppler; predicting complications;

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