The New Engineering Achievements of Targeted Hyperthermia Device During the Treatment of Cancer Metastases in Oncology Patients

Giorgi Gavashelishvili, George Nabakhtiani, Besiki Surguladze, Tamar Tskitishvili, Giorgi Pichkhaia


Innovative targeted hyperthermia device allows for heating of magnetite (Fe3O4) nanoparticles by generating high-water permeability alternative magnetic waves to get thermal effect in biological tissues.  The generator-device makes it possible to warm up magnetite nanoparticles up to the 55 °C at 8-10 cm deep in tissues as shown in multiple experiments. To generate and "direct" specific electromagnetic waves 2 Helmholtz coils angled at 1100 from each other and a 10 kHz sinusoidal signal generator were used.  The device was designed for treatment procedures in oncology.

Clinical trials of the method, “detection of possibly invaded lymphatic nodes and targeted hyperthermia for the prevention of cancer recurrence” (author of the method MD, PhD, Sc.D., B. Surguladze) at the Cancer Research Center of Georgia have shown that this method is safe and indeed improves treatment outcome (Clinical trial were permitted by Drag Agency of Georgia).



Cancer treatment; Medical Device; Thermotherapy; Targeted Hyperthermia.

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