The frequency and correlation of autoimmune endocrine diseases in adolescent patients

Nino Turashvili, Lali Javashvili, Elene Giorgadze


     Autoimmune endocrine diseases are widespread problem nowadays; Autoimmune endocrinopathies often occur together in the same person and are cluster as autoimmune polyglandular diseases. Mostly one autoimmune endocrine disorder develops clinically earlier than other. 

     According to the articles, published in the Pubmed and Google Scholar database, between several autoimmune endocrine diseases autoimmune diabetes and autoimmune thyroid diseases coincidence often together, most likely due to shared genetic predisposition . Indeed several loci and genes have been shown to contribute to the joint susceptibility to autoimmune diabetes and autoimmune thyroid diseases . Early identification and treatment of another autoimmune endocrine disease is very important  and sometimes even life-saving . Early identification autoimmune thyroid disease when autoimmune diabetes is already diagnosed is recommended  according new guidelines.  


Autoimmune endocrine diseases; autoimmune diabetes; autoimmune thyroid diseases;

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