COVID-19 and peritoneal dialysis

Savas Sipahi, Hamad Dheir, Aysel Tocoglu, Fuldem Mutlu, Melike Bektaş, Mehmet Koroglu, Oguz Karabay



COVID-19 infection which started in China and has become a pandemic in a short time, has affected the elderly and individuals with chronic illness more. This infection is also a reason of increased mortality and morbidity for patients suffering from chronic renal failure and undergoing peritoneal dialysis. The reasons for our cases to apply to the hospital were respiratory distress and coughing, which were common symptoms of all the cases. Fever was present only in one case. Myalgia and weakness were also present in only one case. The virus could be viewed via PCR in nasopharynx swab in none of the cases. However, there were specific signs for COVID-19 in chest CTs of all the patients. We assert that contact anamnesis is crucial for patients’ diagnosis and it is necessary to do viewing via chest CT scan, which is probably more important than the result of nasopharynx PCR.


Keywords: Chronic Renal Failure, Peritoneal Dialysis, COVID-19

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