The prevalence of periodontal diseases in Samegrelo region

Sopiko Kvaratskhelia, Mariam Orjonikidze, Mamuka Gogiberidze, Temur Jorbenadze



Epidemiological research throughout a particular period of time permits tracking of the prevalent diseases amongst the population, even dental ones. According to mentioned research, periodontal diseases are highly prevalent worldwide.


The research included 3069 people. Following the written acceptance they filled the questionnaire and as recommended by WHO, the clinical research to check the inside of the mouth was conducted. Periodontal status was assessed with indexes. Periodontium was considered as not healthy in case of unsatisfactory oral hygiene, gum hyperemia, bleeding, pathological pockets, loose teeth and in rare cases abscess.

The studied population was divided into five age groups: 15-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-64, 65 years old and elders to show the precise prevalence amongst the youths.


Statistical analysis of conducted research showed a high prevalence of periodontal diseases. 50,3 % (1545) of studied patients experienced healthy periodontium, 49,7%-ს (1524) had periodontal disease including periodontitis (39,2%) and gingivitis (10,5%).   The prevalence of periodontitis increased alongside the aging process and the number of gingivitis decreased. The number of patients with periodontal disease included 47,5% of women and 52,5% of men. The results also established a high prevalence of teeth edentia, pathological pockets, and loose teeth.


High prevalence of periodontal diseases in this region can be explained by low-socioeconomic status, low-quality medical education, restricted access to the dental services and negative attitude towards the dental cares.


gingivitis, periodontal diseases, the prevalence of periodontitis

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