Diagnostic and Prognostic Value of Circulating microRNAs in Cardiovascular Diseases: Review

Mariam Rtveladze, Zanda Bedinashvili, Maia Bitskinashvili, Nana Goishvili, Ia Khakhutashvili, Mikheil Jangavadze, Ia Kirvalidze


 Cardiovascular diseases (CD) and their complications are a leading cause of death in the world today.  Despite later advances in new diagnostic tools andmanagement of CVD patients, healthcare system needs novel diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers and new therapeutic approaches.  Circulating miRNAs (miRNAs) can be serve for these goals.  Some miRNAs can represent potential novel therapeutic targets for cardiovascular disorders. In this paper we reviewed miRNAs, involved in CVD.  We also discussed use of miRNA as therapeutic targets and new challenges.


miRNA, cardiovascular diseases, biomarker

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