Photodynamic therapy - alternative treatment method of oral mucosa inflammatory diseases

Ketevan Dolidze, Vladimer Margvelashvili, Igor Shugailov


 Background:  Oral mucosa diseases are one of the most common diseases in the world population. And the diseases of perio- dontal tissues represent the urgent problem of the modern dentistry. According to the various authors their number amounts to 98%. Epidemiological studies show that the disease incidence is increasing in the people from 20 to 35 years old. Many studies have demonstrated the pluricausal nature causing the periodontal diseases. High incidence of periodontal diseases propagation and low efficiency of treatment made it necessary to find the optimal methods of treatment considering the pathogenic mecha- nisms of periodontal tissues. In this field the method of photodynamic therapy widely used in recent decades generates the special interest. This method of treatment has found popularity for treatment of both oncologic and non-oncologic inflammatory diseases in the dentistry and other fields of medicine. 

Method: The phrases "photodynamic therapy" and "periodontal diseases ", were searched for in Google Scholar and PubMed  in May 2017. The results were narrowed to 10 citations after excluding non-English and duplicate reports. Clinical descriptions and outcomes were categorized and analyzed. 

Conclusion: By using the photosensitiser “Rada Dent” and the device “Photodin-K” it has become possible to treat the oral mucosa inflammatory disease by non-invasive method.


Periodontal diseases, Photodynamic therapy, Photosensitiser, Fluorescence, Diode laser.

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