Cardiac myxoma: morphological and immunohistochemical differences. Study of 13 cases

Liana Gogiashvili, Zurab Tsagareli, Maya Mchedlishvili, Tinatin Kvachadze, Elene Nikobadze, Manana Dgebuadze, Tamuna Gvianishvili, Ekaterine Melikadze, Ketevan Jandieri


Background: Cardiac myxoma is most common primary cardiac neoplasm, but due to uncertain histogenesis and discussing immunohistochemical profile, is actually studding.

Aim of Study: To assess of immunihistochemical priority to diagnosis of cardiac myxoma type and development.

Methods: 13 cardiac myxomas were histologically and immunohistochemically investigated considering clinical data in results.

Results: The expression of Vimentin, Epithelial markers (CK7,CK19), pro-inflammatory CD 68 and CD 117 signal markers in myxomas parenchyma indicated on the presence of different myxoid cells and various differentiated stromal components, middle inflammatory reaction, hemosiderosis and multipotential mesenchyme precursors.

Conclusion: Diffuse cytoplasmic neuropeptide S100 protein and Calretinin immunoreactivities represent mainly mesenchyme derived endothelial and capable neural differentiation.


Case report; Cardiac myxoma; Immunohistochemistry; Diagnostic value

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