Development and advantages of CAD/CAM technology in prosthetic dentistry

Buba Chachkhiani, Vladimer Margvelashvili


Scientific technologies of computer modeling have been created, which provide effective treatment and rehabilitation of patients with pathologies of jaw and teeth, which brings the help discovered by the dentist to a new qualitative step. Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing _ CAD/CAM systems, due to their total advantage over traditional methods, have gained wide recognition in leading scientific and medical circles, including dentistry. High accuracy digital impression, minimization of errors, reduction of treatment period, longer-lasting restorations, improved patient safety, greater treatment appreciation - this isn't a complete list of benefits of CAD/CAM system. However, there are legitimate questions about rational implementation of this technology.


CAD/CAM system in dentistry; Tetragonal Polycrystalline zirconia; polymorphic transformation of zirconia;

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