Prostate imaging reporting and data system in preoperative grading of prostate cancer

Tsitsino Abakelia, Ketevan Lashkhi, Sophio Kakhadze


Prostate cancer (Pc)  is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in men. Survival outcome of prostate cancer depends on early detection, precise preoperative staging, grading of clinically significant cancer and therefore appropriate treatment strategy. In Georgian population preoperative histopathologic  grade- Gleason score obtained from transrectal ultrasound guided(TRUS) biopsy is most common grading system for prostate cancer, despite  the limitations of TRUS biopsy related to restricted visualization of small index lesions with ultrasound. Prostate imaging reporting and data system (Pi rads) as guideline with recommendations and consistent instructions  for multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging (mpMRI) has ability to predict histopathological grade of prostate cancer preoperatively and noninvasively. This paper reviews major aspects of Pi rads with its components  at  existing  literature. It describes  possibility of scoring system in preoperative prostate cancer grading.


Prostate cancer. Multiparametric-MRI. Pi rads. Gleason score.


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