Radiofrequency Volume Reduction ( RAVOR) of the inferior Nasal Turbinates

Merab Khvadagiani, Giorgi Khvedelidze


Introduction: The hyperplasia of the inferior nasal turbinate is a widespread reason for the chronically obstruction of the nasal respiration. A variety of surgical procedures are perfomed for reduction of hyperplastic inferior nasal turbinates. The multitude of methods reflects the challengefor an ideal treatment. RF generator BM-780 for the treatment of concha hyperplasia by Ravor is evaluated clinically.

Material and Methods: 917 patients (age 5-72) who undervent submucosal turbinotomy with RF generator BM780,between 2010-2021,were etamined preoperatively and 1-3-5 weeks postoperatively by endoscopy and rinomanometry. 175 patients were examined also 1-10 years postoperatively. After local anesthesia the “Binner” bipolar needle electrode was inserted (5-9 sec all intensive level 2-2.5) in the submucosal tissue of the inferior turbinate head , body and posterior part.

Results: RF surgery is performed under local anesthesia without postoperative use of nasal tampons. Intra and postoperative pain is extreamely low. A shrinkage of the concha coul already be observed during the coagulation. During 1-3 weeks postoperatively 800 of 917and during 3-5 weekspostoperatively 117 of 117 patients showed a reduction of inferior turbinate volume.

Conclusion: Submucosal Radiofrequency Volume Reduction with the RF generator BM-780 and the “Binner”bipolar needle electrode is an effective method for treating distrubed nasalbreathing with minimal damage of tissue.“Ravor”method is an efficient and easy to handle alternative to the known standartmethods as resection and laser coagulation. The adventages can been seen in the safe procedure and the minimal side-effects dueto local anesthesia. Over the 12 year period of treatment there are no recurrenses ,less complications and better results .

Autors: M. Khvadagiani , G. Khvedelidze , K. Arabuli.  Iv.Javakhishvili State Univercity Medical Faculty, Department of Clinical Surgery; Medical Center „Vivamedi“ Tbilisi Georgia.


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