Healthcare Workers Attitude toward Intimate Partner Violence Against Women

Nana Atchaidze, Nato Pitkshelauri


Background: Intimate partner violence is a widespread problem in the world. According to WHO analysis, which was conducted from 2000 until 2018 in 161 countries 30% of women experience violence from their partner.


Aim: We aimed to identify healthcare workers attitude toward intimate partner violence against women.


Methods:  We have used quantitative research methods. For the interview we used self-administered questionnaires.


Result: As a result, We interviewed 140 respondents from different hospitals and wards in Georgia. From them 67% of the respondents thought that the strongest risk to become victim of IPV is “abusive partner”, 60.90% of them thought that  the strongest risk to become victim of IPV is that” Partner abuses alcohol or drugs” and 37% of respondents thought, that  the strongest risk to become victim of IPV is “Gender-female”. We have asked to the respondents, what was the warning sign of IPV, and 80.4 % of them thought that it is “Depression”, 65.2 % thought that it is “Anxiety” and “Frequent injuries” and only 26.1 % thought that it is “ Chronic, unexplained pain.  And 54% of respondents have not ever identified intimate partner violence victims.


Conclusion: Awareness toward intimate partner violence against women is increase among helathcare workers, but identification still appeared as main fator. Healthcare workers need to improve their acknowledgement regarding identification of victims and addressing the problem.


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