Childhood Adverse Experience among Students

Maia Bitskinashvili


In a study we conducted that looked at childhood psychological traumas in students, we have a clear picture of how prevalent childhood trauma is in our community. According to the studies conducted of the students’ population show that the cumulative effect of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) is a predictor of poor health, psychological disorders and problem with learning and education.

Quantitative methods of Research were used and the questionnaire was created based on existing international experience, including WHO-The ACE International Questionnaire (ACE-IQ). Questions covered family dysfunction; physical, sexual and emotional abuse and neglect by parents or caregivers; peer violence; witnessing community violence, and exposure to collective violence.

1239 students participated in the survey and criteria of inclusion in the survey was students aged 18 and more. SPSS program was used for statistical analysis. According to the results of our research almost half of the surveyed students were victim of physical, emotional or sexual violence and almost half of them didn’t share the fact of violence with anyone.


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