Modification of the method of corrosion casts for studying of bilio-vascular structures of liver (Brief communication)

N Inauri, M Kordzaia, I Sikharulidze, M Kakabadze, D Kordzaia


The description of the original method for preparation of corrosion casts of intrahepatic vessels and bile ducts is provided.  Readily available compositions, such as "Protacryl- M" set widely used in dental and neurosurgical practice and  the Latex manufactured by “Geng” used in different constructions/repairs were applied for the casting. It is demonstrated that corrosion casts of blood vessels and bile ducts obtained from above-mentioned resins  obviously reflect the architectonics and surfaces of studied structures and are completely convenient for the macro- and microscopic observation.  


Hepatic blood vessels, bile ducts, corrosion casts

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