How to Protect DNA Genomes: Lessons from Hyperthermophilic Viruses

David Prangishvili


Genetic research involving genomic DNA samples can easily be altered or corrupted by genomic DNA degradation. Once genomic DNA unfolds or breaks apart, the conclusions provided by any examination or assay may not be valid. Thus, proper storage is required to ensure high experimental standards. Prominent examples of efficient conservation of dsDNA molecule and keeping it stable for prolonged time intervals are provided by viruses which thrive in adverse conditions. We have studied arrangement of DNA genomes in diverse viruses isolated in our laboratory from extreme geothermal environments where temperatures exceed 80°C and are usually destructive for DNA [1,2]. In my talk I will summarizes the results of structural reconstruction of these viruses at near atomic resolution by cryo-electron tomography which provide insights into the details of DNA packaging and shade light on molecular mechanisms behind the high stability of viral DNA [3-8].



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