Meckels diverticulum´s injury after penetrating abdominal trauma

A Dogjani, B Hasanaj, D Doll


In 1595, for the first time, Hildanus described an ileal diverticulum,  which was thoroughly scrutinized and defined by Johann Meckel  in 1809.  In most cases, Meckel's diverticulum does not cause any problems. In a small number of patients however, these diverticula can become infected (diverticulitis) cause an obstruction of the intestine, or cause bleeding from the intestine. We present a case of simultaneous  rupture of Meckel’s diverticulum  and small bowel without abdominal pain following a penetrate trauma to the abdomen, sustained during a stab wound to the abdomen


Meckels diverticulum, abdominal trauma

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