Red blood cells for the treatment of Ehrlich carcinoma in mice

Teona Paresishvili, Mariam Kakabadze, Ketevan Ediberidze, David Chakhunashvili, Tamar Rukhadze, Manana Kakabadze


Introduction. Over the last years, due to their unique biological and biophysical properties, erythrocytes have been used as the carriers of various drug delivery systems. Materials and methods. In this study, a hypotonic method was used for loading platinum nanoparticles into erythrocytes in a combination of SDS solution of various concentrations and Triton 100 solution for washing erythrocytes. After loading the erythrocytes with platinum nanoparticles, their effectiveness was evaluated in a subcutaneous model of Ehrlich's carcinoma in 60 white laboratory mice. On 16th day, after the size of the carcinoma reached 2x2 cm, the animals were divided into 3 equivalent groups. The animals of the first group received no treatment and were only observed. The animals of the second group received intravenous cisplatin. In animals of the third group, the platinum nanoparticle loaded erythrocytes were injected directly into the carcinoma tissue. Results. All animals of the first group have died due to the progression of Ehrlich carcinoma and invasion into the tissues surrounding the carcinoma and abdominal cavity, 40-50 days after the inoculation. In the second group, 60% of animals died in 40-50 days, and the rest of the 40% died in 60-80 days. The main reason of death was the progression of the carcinoma. In the animals of the third group, necrosis with purulent liquefying of the carcinoma tissue and the release of pus was noted on days 5-7. In this group, 40% of animals have died on days 40-50. The wound was closed with secondary intention in the rest of the surviving animals. The maximum period of observation of animals was 3 months during which no recurrence was noted. Conclusion. Erythrocytes loaded with platinum nanoparticles are safe because they are biocompatible, and may be effective for sustained drug delivery for cancer treatment. Direct injection of erythrocytes loaded with platinum nanoparticles into the tumor parenchyma provides efficient delivery of anti-cancer drugs to all tumor cells and promotes their prolonged release.

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ISSN: 2346-8491 (online)