The link between oral diseases and psycho-emotional state of children in orphanages-a literature review

Lana Gedenidze, Lela Tsitaishvili, Shalva Parulava



Background:    According to studies, children raised in orphanages have more psycho-emotional

problems than those who grow up in families with parents. Psycho-emotional state and stress are

directly related to poor oral health status.

Aim:  A review of the correlation between the psycho-emotional state and oral health status of

children in orphanages.

Methods:  A review of the literature from Science Direct, Scopus, PubMed, and Google Scholar

scientific databases was conducted using keywords such as: foster children; stress; psycho-

emotional state; oral health. Search years - English-language articles published between 2010 and

2021.More than 50 articles have been analysed.  Twenty-three of the most relevant articles were

selected and discussed in detail. The studies concerned the psychoemotional state and stress of

children in orphanages and their correlation to the state of oral health and the development of

dental diseases. The saliva secretion rate under stress and the role of cortisol (stress hormone) in

the development of dental caries and periodontal diseases were also considered.

Results: The studies have revealed a connection between oral diseases and the psycho-emotional

state  of children in orphanages. The connection between the stress and changes in the composition

of  saliva and the rate of its secretion has also been established. A significant relation  between the

hormone cortisol and caries/ periodontal disease has been found.

Conclusions:  The literature review revealed that stressed patients need different monitoring and

particular attention to their oral health.

Keywords: Orphanage children; Stress; Psycho-emotional state; Oral health

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