Oral health status and the way of optimization in Elderly Population in regions of Georgia

Sopio Puturidze, Nino Tebidze, Manana Kalandadze, Tamar Lomidze, Rusudan Ivanishvili, Shalva Parulava, Vladimer Margvelashvili


Background: The proportion of older people increases worldwide. Increase of number of older population is also observed in Georgia. Poor oral health of older people is one of the main public health issue. Oral health influences general health and quality of life of older adults

Aim: The aim of the study was to assess oral health status and the ways of optimization of oral health of older adults living in Georgia due to age, gender and regions.

Methods: The study was conducted in all 9 regions of Georgia and in the capital city Tbilisi. The participants of the study were devided into three age groups: 65-74 years, 75-84 years, 85 years and more. Dental status was assessed based on WHO recommendations. The study got approval from bioethical council of National Center for Disease Control and Public Health.   Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 22.0 was used for statistical analysis.   

Results: Needs of prosthetic treetment was assessed in all regions of Georgia. The data collected demonstrated significant difference due to living area. Implant supported prosthetics, zirconia-ceramic crowns and zirconia-ceramic bridges are most rare among all types of prosthetics in elderly population in Georgia. Assess of edentulism due to Kayser and Witter limited dental arch conception demonstrated high prevalence of extracted more than 20 teeth in all regions of Georgia

Conclusion: partial and full edentulism, also lack of prosthetic treatment is an urgent problem in elderly population living in Georgia. In order to optimize the oral health of the elderly population of Georgia, development and implementation of special programs is crusial in all regions of Georgia according to the needs.

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